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Trade union work and social dialogue is taking place throughout Europe on a regional level, too. And solidarity among workers does not stop at national borders.

That is why in the Union Regio Net network, which was set up in the course of three projects to date promoted by the European Commission under the umbrella of the social dialogue, regional organisations of trade union confederations have already joined forces from six European states: CFDT from Upper Normandy (France), CGIL from Lombardy (Italy), DGB from Lower Saxony (Germany), OPZZ and Solidarnosc from Wielkopolska/Poznan (Poland), TUC South West from Bristol (United Kingdom) and UGT from Andalusia (Spain).

Together we intend to develop the social dialogue between trade unions and the employer side, increase the opportunities for workers to become involved, secure employment in internationally operating companies, combat precarious jobs, improve workers’ mobility, push for the involvement of women in companies and trade unions, and enshrine the idea of Europe in trade unions and workers.







Project supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Social Dialogue